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on Femicide

Letter of Support from the UN Special Rapporteur on VAW

Dr. Dobravka Šimonović

Letter of Support from the President of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Prof. Asher Cohen

Letter of Support from the President of Israel

Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin

דו"ח סיכום רבעוני ראשון 2021 – מקרי פמיסייד בישראל

דו"ח סיכום 2020 – מקרי פמיסייד בישראל


טטיאנה קמינסקי, בת 53 משדרות נרצחה בביתה

 אחת השכנות סיפרה ל"הארץ" כי בנה של האישה, אנדריי, בן 29, הודה בפניה שרצח את אמו. הוא נעצר כשברשותו סכין ומעצרו הוארך

Israel Hayom Reports Observatory Findings

Danish News Report on Femicide
an interview with Shalva Weil

פורסם הדוח החציוני הראשון לשנת 2021 של התצפית

חלה מגמת ירידה בכלל מקרי הרצח
ביחס לחציון הזהה אשתקד. לחץ ציבורי לטיפול ברצח נשים בא לידי ביטוי בסקירות תקשורתיות
נרחבות ובכך שהטיפול באלימות נגד נשים נרשם כקו יסוד רשמי של ממשלת האחדות שקמה.

Honor killings in Muslim and Western countries
in modern times

Vered Ne’eman-Haviv

Journal of Family Theory and Review, June 2021

This article reviews the current literature in the field, using a sociocultural theoretical framework, and critically examines the effect of modernization processes on the phenomenon, distinguishing between Arab and Muslim countries and Western countries. The review shows that despite modernization processes, and at times owing to concerns about these processes, the use of honor killings as a tool to strengthen patriarchal control seems to be widening. 

Female Geronticide: The Case of Israel

Shalva Weil, Noam S. Keshet

Journal of Gender Studies, 01/2021

This study of femicide involving elderly women, or female geronticide includes an empirical report on the findings of the first longitudinal study on female geronticide in Israel, which demonstrates that over a period of 10 years female geronticide was perpetrated solely by intimate male partners. The findings are important for policy-makers in Israel but have applications globally.  

Gendered pandemics: suicide, femicide and COVID-19

Shalva Weil

"Haaretz", 05/2020

The article offers a collocation of COVID-19 alongside two other pandemics that are likely to increase during and after public health responses to the coronavirus: suicide and femicide. Both of these forms of violence are patterned, predictable, and highly gendered. We assert that femicide and suicide rates will increase for women to unprecedented levels as a direct result of pandemic public health measures.

Domestic Terrorism in 2020: a Report of the Israel Observatory on Femicide

Shalva Weil

Cambio, 02/2021

This article will describe the establishment of the Israel Observatory on Femicide (IOF) in November 2020, and document all the femicide cases perpetrated in Israel during 2020. It is the first report of its kind in Israel. Special attention will be paid to the connection between femicide and covid-19 during this difficult year.

המשטרה הודיעה כי היא חוקרת חשד לרצח,
נכון לעת זו לא פורסמו פרטים נוספים על המקרה