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Israel Observatory on Femicide

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Conversation on femicide during war

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The Israel Observatory on Femicide condemns in the strongest possible terms the barbaric femicide of women and girls in Israel at the hands of Hamas terrorists. This includes rape, murder and atrocities perpetrated against women, the beheading of children in front of their mothers, and the kidnapping of women, babies, and elderly women, all of which are unspeakable crimes against humanity. We pray for peace: for the return of all those abducted, the safe return of the soldiers from the front lines and the end to this terrible war.

OP-ED: "Femicide and Hamas" | Jerusalem Post, 17 October 2023

Annual Report 2023

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"The rate of women's murders rose exponentioally in 2023 due to the unprecendented events on 7 October 2023."

Recent Victims

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Ilana (Ilani)  Azgadian, 36. Was stabbed in her sleep and set on fire in her apartment



Amal Kitab, 53. Stabbed by her husband while driving. In the process of divorce


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Marina Malinovsky, 32. Was beaten to death, her body was left in an alleyway.


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