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In the Media

Times of Israel Post| 8 June 2024

ENG (read): "Domestic violence rates nearly doubled since Oct. 7. Eight women were murdered in 2024"

The Jerusalem Post| 11 January 2024

ENG (read): "Femicide and the effects of the Israel-Hamas war"

The Jerusalem Post | 1 January 2024

ENG (read): "IOF releases report on violence against Israeli women in 2023"

The Times of Israel | 1 January 2024

ENG (read): "Of 22 women killed in 2023, 19 knew their killer, monitor finds"

Hebrew University | 25 November 2023

ENG (read): "Statement of condemnation against Hamas' rape and murder of women"

The Jerusalem Post | 19 June 2023

ENG (read): "Electronic bracelet law is ‘pathetic’"

The Jerusalem Post | 23 May 2023

ENG (read): "Israeli NGO appeal to gov't for immediate action against rising femicide rates"

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